The Protocol Directorate coordinates matters regarding foreign diplomatic missions and international organizations accredited to Malawi and state government ceremonial functions by providing and managing protocol services. The Department is divided into two Divisions namely: State Protocol and Government Protocol Division.


1. Diplomatic Protocol

The division responsible for Diplomatic Protocol is responsible for advancing the foreign policy goals of Malawi by creating an environment for successful diplomatic interaction, and serving on the front lines of diplomatic engagement with people and governments around the world. The Diplomatic Protocol serves as the country’s representative and liaison to members of the Diplomatic Corps.  The Division is responsible for the accreditation of Heads of Diplomatic Missions and accredited International Organization, and overseeing matters relating to the administration of privileges and immunities and issuance of the appropriate credentials for members of the Diplomatic Corps.

The Division serves as an overall liaison for the diplomatic community and handles matters that may arise in the process of enhancing relations with foreign diplomatic missions. 


2. State Protocol

The State Protocol Division has two sections of which one is responsible for the administration of State Ceremonies while the other is responsible for State Hospitality


i. Ceremonials Division

The Ceremonials division plans, executes, and supports a wide range of ceremonial and official functions hosted by the President, Vice President, and other VIPs. The essence of international protocol is the practice of employing proper etiquette, official formalities, and dignified ceremonies in the welcoming and hosting of foreign leaders. The Ceremonials division, therefore, plays a key role in maintaining this timeless tradition and plans each event meticulously, considering every detail from the invitations and seating, to menus, décor, and official entertainment, all while adhering to cultural considerations and ensuring that the honored guests feel welcome and comfortable. In addition, the Ceremonials division maintains the Order of Precedence for members of the Diplomatic Corps accredited to the Republic of Malawi.


ii. State Hospitality

State Hospitality is responsible for the VIP lounges at the Chileka International Airport, the Kamuzu International Airport and the Mzuzu Airport. The Division is also responsible for the hosting of foreign dignitaries. During the entire visit of foreign dignitaries, the Protocol Department is responsible for ensuring that the interests of the guests are catered for in accordance with the agreed programme and with the dignity befitting the status of the guests. Visits are classified in four categories. These categories are State Visit, Official Visit, Private Visit and Transit Visit. Fore making reservations to use any of the VIP facilities, please click VIP Booking.

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