Mission: To promote and protect Malawi’s interest and maintain good international relations through implementation of its foreign policy, in order to contribute to sustainable development and territorial integrity


Mandate: To provide policy guidance and advice on all matters on the engagements between Malawi and the international community


Vision: A high quality diplomatic service that promotes and protects Malawi’s interests and image


Core Values: Professionalism, Transparency, Accountability, Patriotism, Confidentiality, Integrity, Teamwork, Innovativeness, and Courtesy


Strategic Objectives    

  • Promote development diplomacy as a fundamental tool of the country's foreign policy;
  • Provide State and Government Protocol Services
  • Protect Malawi’s sovereignty and territorial integrity;
  • Promote international/regional peace and security as well as good neighborliness;
  • Adopt and promote a pragmatic and independent stance in global affairs commensurate with Malawi’s National Interest;
  • Advance socio-economic development of Malawi;
  • Promote bilateral, regional and multilateral cooperation;
  • Promote engagement with Malawians in the Diaspora;
  • Project Malawi’s positive and progressive image globally;