Overview of Diaspora

Government of Malawi has come to realize that not only are the millions of Malawians living in the Diaspora a representation of significant potential for the socio-economic transformation of the country, but also that those willing to participate in the development of their homeland, lack formal entry points into the national development arena. To this effect, there has been a paradigm shift where government moved to harness the potential of its Diaspora so that their financial and human resources contribute to the transformation of their homeland.

In that regard, the Malawi Diaspora Engagement Policy (MDEP), which came into operation in 2017, embraces the Diaspora as key agents in  national development. The Policy seeks to establish a mutually beneficial relationship between Malawi and her Diaspora. Fore the MDEP please, click Diaspora Policy. A Diaspora Portal was launched in February, 2019, and is being popularized as a platform for engaging with the Diaspora. The Portal has provisions for people living in the Diaspora to be mapped and profiled systematically so that Government gets to know who are its Diaspora, where are they located, what are their skills and professions and what are they willing to bring back home.  To access the portal, please click Diaspora portal