IMG 0203Honourable Nancy Tembo, M.P., Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Malawi, on 19th April, 2022, met Professor Paul van Gardingen, International Development Independent Researcher, who was accompanied by Professor Madara Ogot, Chief Executive Officer of UbuntuNet Alliance. The objective of the visit was to follow up on discussions held during COP-26 in Scotland on promoting universities partnerships in addressing climate change, as well as to prepare for COP-27 scheduled to take place in Egypt in November, 2022.

During discussions, Professor van Gardingen indicated that he was working with Professor Iain Gillespie, Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of Dundee, to come up with a virtual event for Malawi on climate change, youth and gender in June, 2022. Professor Gillespie would like to eventually come to Malawi in August, 2022, to hold various activities including supporting the youth to come up with local solutions to climate change in the build-up to COP-27.
Professor van Gardingen indicated that one of his goals was to encourage developing countries to become producers of climate change information rather than just being smart consumers.
Responding to the presentation, Honourable Tembo observed that climate change had become very prominent featuring as a security issue. She noted that there was need for Malawi government officials including those in the Ministry to have a deeper understanding of climate change, which is now an important issue in multilateral diplomacy. She cited the devastating impact of climate change such as Cyclone Ana which damaged economic infrastructure including the road network in the country. As a way forward, Honourable Tembo called for finding solutions within the nexus between climate change action and livelihoods for both the youth and women. She, therefore, invited the two dignitaries to interact with the Ministry of Natural Resources to appreciate opportunities for collaboration in various climate action sectors.
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