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Presentation of Letters of Credence
Ambassador of Japan Kae Yanagisawa - Presenting Her Letters of Credence to His Excellency The President
Presentation of Letters of Credence
High Commissioner of Britain - Holly Tett Presents Her Letters of Credence to His Excellency The President
Malawi/Tanzania Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation
The 4th session of the Malawi/Tanzania Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation at Capital hotel in Lilongwe Malawi.
The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt has Handed Over 2 Training Scholarships to Young Diplomats
The Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt has handed over 2 training scholarships to young diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation – Malawi. The Republic of Egypt has organized this training which will host young diplomats from almost 24 countries and will run from 5th to 16th march 2017.
Malawi and Rwanda Sign an Extradition Treaty
The Republic of Malawi and the Republic of Rwanda has signed an extradition treaty; this is an agreement of the transfer of Convicted Persons between the two Governments

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About Us

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs acts as a link between Malawi and the rest of the world including multilateral organizations. It is  responsible for formulating, implementing and monitoring the foreign policy of the government of the Republic of Malawi.


High quality foreign service that contributes to an economically advanced and secure Malawi


A high quality diplomatic service that promotes and protects Malawi’s interests

Mission Statement

The Mission statement for Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation  to formulate and implement a foreign policy that promotes and safeguards Malawi’s interests with emphasis development diplomacy.

To promote and protect Malawi's interests through implementation of her Foreign Policy in order to contribute to sustainable socio-economic development

Malawi and Scotland Meets Under The Framework Of Joint Permanent Commission Of Cooperation (JPCC), 2nd To 3rd December, 2014









Hon. Dr. George T. Chaponda, MP, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, led the Malawi delegation to the meeting of Malawi-Scotland Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPCC) that was held from 2nd to 3rd December, 2014, in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Hon. Mr. Humza Yousaf, Minister for Europe and International Development, led the Scottish delegation to the meeting.


The objective of the meeting was to review progress achieved since the last JPCC meeting that was held in November, 2012 in Zomba, Malawi, and to discuss project proposals in view of the next round of funding from the Scottish Government covering the period 2015 to 2018.



The main outcomes of the JPCC meeting included: 

  • Need to focus on a few targeted projects, to ensure visible and lasting impact on the targeted beneficiaries.  In line with the Government’s priority to develop the export-oriented private sector, the Malawi Government highlighted the need to support cooperatives and Scottish private investment in the country;


  • Malawi to consider the list of proposed projects for the 2015-2018 funding cycle, and to submit to Scottish Government for further consideration.  To ensure that the projects are in line with Malawi’s development priorities as outlined in the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy (MGDS), it was agreed that the Strand Leads (Governance, Health, Education and Sustainable Development) should be involved in the  formulation process of the projects; and


  • That project monitoring and evaluation should be an integral part of the Scottish Government-supported development Programme.


Hon. Dr. Chaponda took the opportunity of his presence in Scotland, to hold other meetings on the sidelines of the JPCC.  These included:

  1. 1.Courtesy Call on the First Minister of Scotland, Right Hon. Nicola Sturgeon MSP.


Hon. Chaponda and Right Hon. Sturgeon discussed issues of mutual cooperation between Malawi and Scotland


  1. 2.Courtesy Call on Right Hon. Tricia Marwick MSP, the Presiding Officer (Speaker) of the Scottish Parliament.


Right Hon Marwick and Hon. Chaponda discussed the ongoing cooperation between the Malawi and Scottish Parliaments under the framework of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Forum. In February, 2015, Members of the Scottish Parliament will visit Malawi to engage their counterparts on issues of mutual interest.


The Honourable Minister also appreciated the role Scottish Members of Parliament such as Lord Jack McConnell MSP, and Lord Geatrex MSP, are playing in the House of Lords by calling for the resumption of budgetary support and the revision of the UK Visa application process for Malawians;


  1. 3.Scottish-Malawi Business and Investment Meeting, where Scottish investors in partnership with Scottish Government, agreed to set up an investment fund to promote Scottish Investments to Malawi;



  1. 4.Meeting with Prof. Sir Jim Mc Donald, the Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University ofTheir meeting on 1st December discussed the work that the University, in partnership with Sgurr Energy of Scotland and the Malawi Polytechnic, is doing in the country in the field of renewable energy, under the Malawi Renewable Energy Acceleration Programme (MREAP);


  1. 5.Meeting with Education Scotland, to appreciate the role the institution was playing in Education Inspectorate services in Malawi in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology;


  1. 6.



The Minister also attended the Scotland-Malawi Partnership symposium, as well as visited the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre to appreciate the life of Dr. David Livingstone and the historical linkages between Malawi and Scotland.




Ministry of Foreign Affairs

and International Cooperation,



8th December, 2014


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